Guest Beers at The Black Horse at Byworth

Throughout the year we feature various guest ales. See the list below for just a few examples.

Andwells Gold Muddler

Andwells Gold Muddler logo

A 3.9% ABV golden blonde ale brewed by blending different hops at various stages of the brewing process. Andwells have produced a beautiful beer with a citrus aroma and balanced bitterness.

Andwells King John

Youngs logo

A 4.2% ABV pale ale deep amber in colour with a blend of pale ale and crystal malt. The bitterness and fruity aroma are developed from a combination of hops.

Arundel St. Elmo's Fire

Arundel St. Elmo's Fire logo

A 4.2% ABV classic seasonal bitter. Fruity malty caramel flavour with hoppy hints.

Arundel Stronghold

Arundel Stronghold logo

A 4.7% ABV classic seasonal bitter. Balance of malt, fruit and hops comes through in this chestnut-coloured beer.

Arundel Summer Daze

Arundel Summer Daze logo

A 4.7% ABV amber coloured premium beer with a fruit and hop aroma and a slight citrus flavour which continues and develops into a clean, refreshing finish.

Arundel Sussex Gold

Arundel Sussex Gold logo

A 4.2% ABV rich golden beer with a hoppy, citrus finish. Very smooth, light and refreshing.

Cottage Brewing Co - Duchess

Duchess logo

A classic 4.2% ABV smooth bitter, full bodied and light chestnut on colour. The Duchess is a refreshing ale, complimented by a powerful presence of fresh hop aromas.

Hammerpot Brighton Belle

Brighton Belle logo

A pale amber 4.6% ABV bitter with fresh floral hop notes, spicy orange, crisp grapefruit and a hint of caramel.

Hammerpot Summer

Hammerpot Summer logo

A 3.7% ABV clean fresh golden ale, brewed with Australian Summer hops, to give a burst of sunshine and exotic fruit

Harveys Sussex Wild Hop

Arundel Summer Daze logo

A 3.7% ABV golden ale brewed with the aptly named ‘Sussex Hop’ – originally discovered growing wild in a hedgerow in Sussex but now cultivated as a variety in it own right. It is supplemented with Cascade hops grown in the UK. Sussex Wild Hop is beautifully balanced but a bit on the wild side – Sussex born and bred!

Langhams Festiv-ale

Langhams Festiv-ale logo

A 3.9% ABV gplden ale. Pale golden colour, spicy floral blend with a hint of grapefruit. Light and refreshing.

Langhams Hip Hop

Langhams Hip Hop logo

A 4.0% ABV gplden ale. The aroma is loaded with floral hops, while the pale malt flavour is overtaken by a dry and bitter finish.

Langhams Sundowner

Langhams Sundowner logo

Truly a great 4.2% ABV beer to sup of a summer’s eve. A deep, golden beer. The nose has tropical fruit, pineapple and citrus notes with a smooth maltiness in the background. There is a balanced dry & bitter finish with floral hop aroma.

Langhams XXX

Langhams XXX logo

A 4.4% ABV dark, chocolate malty winter ale with smooth hopping for a slightly sweeter taste. Available from Winter Equinox.

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